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Colony Enzyme Spotter and Deodorant - Case

Colony Enzyme Spotter and Deodorant - SKU: DZLMOEcsq - Carpet Cleaning Products, Odor Control, Restroom Care
Colony Enzyme Spotter and Deodorant - Case

Sales price: $131.64
Manufacturer: Nuance Solutions

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Janitorial Cleaning Supplies
Carpet Cleaning Products
Odor Control
Restroom Care

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• 12 (case) - 1 qt bottles

For Use With

• Kitchen Surfaces
• Bathroom Surfaces
• Rugs
• Carpets
• Garbage Disposal
• Waste Receptacles


The concentrated formula contains selected strains of natural bacteria and enzymes that crowd out and displaces undesirable bacteria to eliminate odors on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, rugs, and carpets. Works great to eliminate odors from waste receptacles, kitchen garbage disposals, even pet odor.

Biodegradable, Non-staining


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