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Essential Industries Antiseptic Hand Soap - Case

Essential Industries Antiseptic Hand Soap - Case - SKU: 9013Gcs - Kitchen and Restaurant Supplies, Restroom Care, Skincare

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Janitorial Cleaning Supplies
Kitchen and Restaurant Supplies
Restroom Care

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SKU: 9013Gcs


• 4 (case) - 1 gallon bottles

For Use In Bulk Dispensers At

• Food Handling Plants
• Kitchens
• Restaurants
• Cafeterias
• Supermarkets
• Other Food Handling Establishments


• Floral scent


Essential Industries Antiseptic Hand Soap combines mild cleaning agents with a powerful antibacterial compound.
This pH balanced product contains PCMX, a broad spectrum bacteriostat.
Mild enough for repeated use throughout the day.


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