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Essential Industries Food Service Degreaser - Case

Essential Industries Food Service Degreaser - Case - SKU: 02258cs - Kitchen and Restaurant Supplies

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Janitorial Cleaning Supplies
Kitchen and Restaurant Supplies

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SKU: 02258cs


• 2 (case) - 2.5 gallon bottles

For Use With

• Floors
• Cutting tables
• Walls
• Stainless steel food processing equipment
• Kitchens
• Meat rooms
• Processing plants
• Restaurants
• Other food handling areas

Effective Against (when used as directed)

• Oil
• Heavy grease
• Grime
• Fat


Food Service Degreaser’s concentrated formula quickly dissolves oil, heavy grease, grime and fat from any hard surface.
Apply to floors, cutting tables, walls, and stainless steel food processing equipment found in kitchens, meat rooms, processing plants, restaurants, and other food handling areas.
This product creates foaming solution that clings to vertical surfaces for a thorough cleaning.
Designed for use with foaming proportioning systems foaming generators, steam pumps, low or high pressure sprayers, soak tanks or hand application.
USDA A1 approved.


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