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Miele SBD650-3 AirTeQ Classic Combo Floor Tool

Miele SBD650-3 AirTeQ Classic Combo Floor Tool - SKU: 07879500 UPC#4002514892979#
Miele SBD650-3 AirTeQ Classic Combo Floor Tool

Sales price: $89.00
Manufacturer: Miele

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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Product Numbers

SKU: 07879500
UPC: 4002514892979

For Use With

• Miele S2 Series Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaners
• Miele S4 Series Midsize Canister Vacuum Cleaner
• Miele S5 Series Fullsize Canister Vacuum Cleaners
• Miele S6 Series Midsize Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Standard Feature With

• Miele S6270 Jasper (Available In Store Only)


Miele AirTeQ Adjustable Carpet and Floor Brush Vacuum Cleaner Attachment
The Miele universal tool is ideal for all smooth flooring and low pile carpeting. It allows you to switch between smooth floors to carpeted surfaces with a quick click of a rocker switch. A set of brushes that surround the base of the tool extend out to lift the head off of your floor to prevent scratching. Retract the brushes and the head will now easily glide over low pile carpeting. This is the ideal tool for homes with mainly hard floors and minimal low pile carpet and area rugs.
This vacuum cleaner attachment does not have a rotating agitator therefore it is safe for delicate carpeting and area rugs


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Carpet Cleaner Rental
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