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Miele SMC20 MicroSet

Miele SMC20 MicroSet - SKU: 09060360 UPC#4002515010761#
Miele SMC20 MicroSet

Sales price: $75.00
Manufacturer: Miele

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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Product Numbers

SKU: 09060360
UPC: 4002515010761

For Use With

• All Miele Vacuums, except Miele Powerhouse Uprights in the S180 series.


• A micro hose with a combination crevice nozzle/ dusting brush
• An extension crevice nozzle
• An angled crevice nozzle
• An extension dusting brush


A collection of micro-accessories and nozzles designed to help you easily clean delicate items, collectibles, intricate woodwork, computers and even stereo equipment and comes in a handy carrying case to prevent loss.


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