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Miele STB101 Handheld Turbobrush

Miele STB101 Handheld Turbobrush -
SKU: 07252850 UPC#4002512308427#
Miele STB101 Handheld Turbobrush

Sales price: $75.00
Manufacturer: Miele

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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Product Numbers

SKU: 07252850
UPC: 4002512308427

For Use With

• Miele S4 Series Midsize Canister Vacuum Cleaner
• Miele S5 Series Fullsize Canister Vacuum Cleaners
• Miele S6 Series Midsize Canister Vacuum Cleaners
• Miele S7 Series Premium Class Upright Vacuum Cleaners
• Miele S7 Series Comfort Class Upright Vacuum Cleaners


This very lightweight, special application carpet tool is driven by air movement of the vacuum cleaner. Its 5 ¼" wide brush roll, adjustable port design and 120° swivel neck provides excellent maneuverability.

Recommended for:
Gentle cleaning of stairs and other limited space carpet applications and aggressive cleaning of upholstery.


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Carpet Cleaner Rental
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