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Airway Douglas Vacuum Bags

Airway Douglas Vacuum Bags - SKU: AR-1400
Airway Douglas Vacuum Bags

Sales price: $33.95
Manufacturer: Airway

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Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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SKU: AR-1400

For Use With

• A-144, 66, 77, 88, Blue Wonder, Sani-Clean, Green Goddess, Centurion, Sanitizor Mark V, and Tom Gasko 80th Anniversary Signature Series, Handy Way


• 10 Bags


Vacuum Cleaner Bag number also known as AR-1400, 405094, Airway type S, and Airway Type X. Dimensions The bag is 11 ½” X 5 ¼”, Plastic ring is approximately 6” in diameter, and the hole in the plastic is 1 ½” diameter. Replacement bag.


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