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Saturday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Tommy Tucker Vacuum Repair and Tune Up

Tommy Tucker Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Bring your vacuum cleaner in for an estimate.
Tommy Tucker services all makes and models of vacuum cleaners.

Tommy Tucker 12 Step Vacuum Cleaner Tune Up

1. Complete Physical Inspection
2. Audible Tests
3. Electrical Tests
4. Inspect Power Cord
5. Inspect, Clean, and Lube Brushroll
6. Inspect and Clean Filters
7. Inspect Wheels and Lubricate
8. Clean Motor Area
9. Inspect Motor
10. Clean Brushroll Housing
11. Inspect and Clean Air Passage
12. Clean Exterior of Vacuum

*Additional costs may apply for replacement parts.
Tommy Tucker will provide an estimate after inspection.

Pickup and Delivery Service

We offer pickup and delivery service, to our commercial customers,
for all vacuum tune ups and repairs.

Carpet Cleaner Rental
Carpet Cleaner Rental
$27.99 / Day - $4.00 Hand Tool